Kinetics Calculation

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Kinetics Calculation

The current system is able to model a set of linearly coupled (reversible or irreversible) reactions and equilibrium states. 1 (or an equilibrium network containing 1) is taken as the primary source box with an initial concentration of co. Any number of boxes may be connected in the network. The SPARC system will quickly solve the set coupled equations.

Nodes 1 and 2 cannot be deleted.Node 1 is always the source node.Add more nodes by clicking on the white space. To connect the new nodes left click on e.g. node 2 and drag it to node 3. An arrow is drawn. This is an edge. By default it is an irreversible reaction. If you wish it to be e.g. an equilibrium state press 'e' while the edge is selected.  After constructing your graph press Submit Graph.


You will then enter the kinetic constants.


Then press calculate and the results will be shown. The generic kinetic equations for the graph, the Specific Equations, a plot of node concentrations as a function of time and the Data used to generate the plots.


Click here to watch a tutorial video.