pKa with Solids

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pKa with Solids


This will perform a full speciation calculation in the presence of suspended solids. You determine the nature of the suspended solids by selecting:

Total Solids e.g 0.001 g/L


% sand,clay,organic

Sand surface area

Clay composition:

% swelling, non-swelling

Organic type

e.g. generic_organic

Metals in solution that may

alter binding

Molarity of charge 1,2,3 ions

When the calculate button is pressed you will see a tabbed output. The tabs and their content are:

Rxns: these are the graphical depiction of the microconstants and their calculated micro pKa's.

Macros: these are the macroscopic pKa's and the species involved in the reaction.

Plot and Species: this is a plot of the relative concentration of the species as a function of pH.

Data Table: this is a table of numerical concentration as a function of pH and the overall molecular charge as a function of pH.


Species labeled "mineral" are species bound to the suspended soil.

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