The ARChem SPARC calculator is now commercial software.

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Various plans are available, from single use calculations up to private, proprietary installations for corporate users. Our Sales Director will be happy to provide information for your specific needs. If you would like us to contact you immediately, please email Dr. Lionel Carreira or call his office (706) 542-2050 and you will be contacted by the Sales Director within 24 hours.

We also provide a pay-per-calc option. A credit card is used to sign up for a one week trial subscription to the SPARC basic plan. During the one week trial period no charges will be made to your card. At the end of the trial week you will be charged a monthly $5 subscription. This subscription will allow free calculations up to the limit described below under 'Free per Month'.

Affiliations with more than one user can sign up and share a billing ID.

Free per month

5 free per month
20 free per month
100 free per month

Cost above free

Calcs/mo Cost/calc
1-10 $6.00
11-100 $5.00
101-500 $4.00
501+ $3.00

CPU intensive calculations will be charged $1.00 more.

These calculations are

  • pKa full speciation calculations
  • Solids pKa
  • Solids Henry
  • LogKd
  • Multiple Properties
  • Tautomers

Charges for batch calculations

Batch charges are based on the number of calculations in the batch run using the table above