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ARChem's physicochemical calculator, SPARC, uses computational algorithms based on fundamental chemical structure theory to estimate a wide variety of reactivity parameters strictly from molecular structure.

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ARChem Headlines

April 2016

Koc as a function of pH has been added as a new option. Also allows the concentration of metal+, metal++ and metal+++ to be specified.

February 2016

Solubility as a function of pH has been added as a new calculation option.

December 2015

SPARC now has improved handling of very large, condensed ring systems. It can also now calculate solubility as a function of pH. A new user manual makes calculating with SPARC even easier.

May 2015

SPARC Automated Reasoning Caclulator v6.0 now available for Windows and Linux. Added CAS support for batch, MultiPhase Equilibria and chromatography for Kovat's Index. User defined solvents expanded and coupled to your database storage for permanent storage between sessions.

February 2015

SPARC moved to Amazon Web Services for faster calculation times and greater uptime.

March 2013

SPARC Automated Reasoning Calculator v5.1 now available for Windows and Linux

September 2010

New website launched to better serve academic, government and industrial laboratories.

August 2010

SPARC Automated Reasoning Calculator v4.5 now available

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